Best Intentions

6:00 PM

I usually set out every week to create a menu for my family. I started doing this because I realized I could personally BUY Kroger given the amount of piddly trips I was making because I forgot this or that or because something suddenly sounded good to me 30 minutes before my kids were starving. The menu has seriously helped. I now spend less time at Kroger, less money overall and usually end up having a greater sense of control over our meals. Plus, although it can take some time to peruse my cookbooks, there are less "fall-back" nights where I make something familiar just because I ran out of time. I hate doing that. Really hate it.

I love love love trying new recipes, experimenting and generally feeling like a real chef, not a frantic pot-slinging casserole mom. Not that those are always bad. Face it, we all have those moments. But I don't want them to be every night. Not even close! I want variety, diversity, experimentation, odd ingredients that I may have to drive across town to find. I don't mind that!

However, despite my best intentions, there occasionally rolls around a Friday evening where I just flat don't feel like cooking. I find myself writhing on the rug in my living room wrestling with my dog when I should be pulling out ingredients and pre-heating the oven. Or watching Bambi with my kids for the first time in 20 years and laughing like a 4 year old because I seriously forgot how cute those little animals are.

What do I do when it's too late to cook and well, I really didn't want to anyway? I shuffle over to my little pile of coupons and see what I have. Tonight it was $5 off a US Pizza. Done. As I write this post, my mouth watering in anticipation of what's to come, my precious husband and my two kids are off picking up our dinner and giving me a few moments of peace to write said post!

Oh, and ironically, I also spend this free time surfing the Pioneer Woman's website getting hungrier just looking at the things she whips up. The bonus of doing this is that it helps me create next week's menu! Everyone wins!

Gotta go! Food just showed up!

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  1. Girl, that's me every day not just an occasional friday!!

    I was just wishing we had a US Pizza here the other day....