Sewing Project

9:12 AM

My knitting hobby has resulted in the accumulation of quite the collection of knitting needles, ranging from large to small, circular and double pointed...not to mention the required embroidery needles, stitch markers, scissors, small rulers, etc. Searching for a specific needle size became a ridiculous ordeal since I'd have to dump out my bag and sift through the pile, so I decided I needed to create some order for my system!

I recently purchased a knitting book called Last Minute Knitted Gifts which contained a picture of a knitting needle holder bag, plus a bag for smaller knick-knacks. See the pictures below.

Very fancy...her needles are color-coordinated...mine are arranged by size.

Inspired by those pictures, I searched around online, but couldn't find anything quite like the ones Joelle Hoverson portrayed in her book. So I borrowed a sewing book from Lauren that contained a project bag designed to hold crayons, colors, or even knitting needles.

I tweaked it for my own purposes, bought some fabric and went to it.

This shows the bag folded completely open.
It's designed to fold over just to cover the tip of the tallest needle, about 14".

This shows the bag folded over the knitting needles. And rather than waste space and fabric, I sewed on an extra, open outer pocket to slip some larger, circular needles into.

Finished and Folded Over Compactly - fits neatly into my larger knitting project bag, or even a small backpack for traveling purposes.

Even though it's been since the 7th grade that I really sewed anything, I did it! I now have a highly functional and pretty knitting needle holder bag! Order has been restored!

Once that was finished, I needed to make the double sided, zippered pocket to hold all the smaller pieces. That was trickier. I had no pre-existing pattern to follow. Just a picture of what I wanted it to look like.
Book's version

My Version! You can faintly see the divided pocket on the left side. My zippers even work in alternating directions like hers do.

So I literally just guessed at how something like that should be pieced together and went for it. I was lucky. It worked.
Here's what goes inside each compartment.

I had never sewed on zippers before, but it seemed to work! I have to say, I am a teensy bit proud of myself! But mostly because now, when I need a certain object, no matter how big or small, I know exactly where to look!

Shown folded over from the divided pocket side.

Shown folded over from the other side. Pretty cool, huh?

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