Sunday Comforts

6:13 PM

I awoke from my nap with August this afternoon to the sound of a tornado siren. Not quite the alarm I had in mind to rouse me from my deep slumber. I quickly dashed downstairs and saw Kyle pulling the 4Runner under the house for protection from potential hail. Where did this storm even come from?

No idea, but it was right on top of us according to the weather station, and while it didn't appear to be literally right on top of us, I could see a very dark wall of clouds just in the distance and the rumbling of thunder was very distinct. I dragged my very asleep children out of their beds and hauled them downstairs with me and Kyle to our very safe basement. (Lots of "verys" in there).

So, how do you spend 30 minutes in your basement while waiting for a storm to pass? With a golden retriever leaning very comfortingly against your leg. Chatting with your kids about thunder and storms and playing games on Kyle's Iphone. Realizing that, if in fact, there is a tornado and it wipes out your house, you have nothing but the clothes on your back which are not at all your favorites or even most practical (grungy shorts and a grungy tank top). Plus, you're barefoot. Fortunately, the blankie August and I share was with us, as was our trusty dog. So, I guess we had all we needed.

Needless to say, it passed us by without harm and even blessed us with a little rain for our parched ground. And the rest of our afternoon passed blissfully with the temps about 20 degrees cooler.

And the evening unfolded with a variety of comforting scenes. August peacefully playing by himself.

Kyle working on his laptop. I never mind if he works, so long as his beloved presence is smack dab within touching distance.

Brooklyn watches some Tigger, snug as a bug in her bean bag.

And I stuck with my planned menu and made Pioneer Woman's DIVINE cheese grits. It was a literal first for me in all aspects regarding grits. And people, these are yummy, even before you pop them in the oven to bake until golden and bubbly.

The above grits were served underneath a Creole-seasoned Southern-style ragout, also a virgin recipe for me - from Crescent Dragonwagon's Passionate Vegetarian. This was just about the most perfect end to my day. Spicy, soupy, hot, DELICIOUS! And aside from chopping oodles of veggies, SUPER easy.

What would we do without such wonderful comforts on a Sunday? Such a perfect way to start the week.

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  1. Hi Ashley! Its laura wesson!! I found your blog from Kim Cate's blog and this dish looks so yummy!! I love Pioneer Woman and have made several of her recipes. Cheese grits are fabulous, but I never thought of serving them them underneath ragout. Where did get the ragout recipe? It's looks delicious....