Beth & Michael

3:59 PM

I have been remiss in not announcing that my brother, Michael, is engaged to be married to a most lovely lovely woman: Beth. Not only is she one of the sweetest, most beautiful girls I know, she is willing and eager to spend the rest of her life as my brother's wife, best friend, companion, helpmate...and for those of you who know Michael, you can fully appreciate the uniqueness and preciousness of this girl.

Michael is a firestorm of a person - in a good way. He is super intelligent, lively, witty, a master at languages, an avid pursuer of Jesus Christ, deeply passionate, enthusiastic, hilarious, a non-stop talker, a great hugger, compassionate, intuitive, a leader, he's a whirlwind of activity, he often gets lost in the maelstrom of the kids because he becomes one of them, he wears soccer shorts under all his clothes. At all times. For reasons I have yet to discover. I bet he'll be wearing them under his tux on the day he gets married. Why? 

In case an impromptu game of soccer breaks out. He'll be ready. 

My brother is amazing and unique and the Lord has brought him an equally amazing and unique young woman to complement and complete him. I know they'll have a blast together. 

Their wedding is at the end of July and they recently had their engagement pictures taken. Here's a link to the site. If their video (Michael and Beth's engagement video) is not the first topic, look to the sidebar at the right.  It's so great. Truly captures the spirit of love, fun, excitement and adventure that I'm sure will characterize the future marriage of these two precious people. Congrats, my brother. And Beth, welcome to the family!

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  1. What an adorable couple!! The pictures are terrific!!

  2. Omigosh, I loved it! SOOO cute and So sweet! She's just beautiful! I mean like, Wow. Really beautiful. Go Michael!!