Daddy Gifts and my New Purchase

2:05 PM

I distinctly remember as a child racing to the front door to greet my father when he arrived home from business trips. Seeing and hugging him was almost secondary to the first question out of our mouths: "WHAT DID YOU BRING ME???" Pathetic, I know. But it's what we did. 

There was no telling what he'd have for us. And many times, it was nothing but a big hug. But the not knowing if this was one of the "gift" times had to have been part of the excitement. 

I remember one trip my dad brought us home authentically Mexican puppets. With garishly colored costumes and grotesquely happy expressions, they were a little scary, but super fun. And hopelessly tangled in their strings in no time. Good thing we were all pretty determined kids. We would entangle them and then spend hours untangling them. 

My husband travels pretty frequently to Chicago and was there this past week. He called to tell me he'd picked up some Cubs shirts for our kids. And he mentioned a little something for me. I'll confess, he was actually a pretty smart guy and ran the purchase by me before actually making it. And it didn't ruin it for me. I was just as excited to open my gift as the kids were theirs. 

I was happy to fill this little Le Creuset honey pot with honey and perch it where I can see its happy little self every day. (This little purchase was made at our favorite little store, Pastoral. It's a little slice of food and foodie paraphernalia heaven..)

And this was an unexpected and delicious bonus. I am a chocolate fiend. And not just any chocolate. The good stuff. This qualifies. Yum Yum Yum! (I will also confess that on desperate moments, I'll just dip my hand into the plain ole Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chip bag for a fix).

And as to new purchases...I've been researching sewing machines for over a year now and just finally bit the bullet and bought one. On-line, no less. And free shipping! (

My new Janome DC1050

52 stitches, I think. What in the world will I do will all these? 
The sky's the limit!!!

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  1. I received a sewing/embroidery machine several years ago and am pretty self-taught on sewing--no home ec for me:-) There is a great that has really cute and easy patterns on it--good luck!

  2. I want a sewing machine too. I always talk myself out of it. I won't use it. I probably can't remember how to use it. Where would I put it. Etc, etc. Hmmmm, let's just watch and see what creations Ashley comes up with!!