A Couple of Days

3:24 PM

The previous 7 days of my life...well, to be fair...OUR lives, have been less than optimal. To be frank, they were horrible. It all started last Sunday afternoon when we came home from a birthday party of a friend to discover that August had a fever. A fever is never an auspicious beginning to a week.

And let me just say this, I know what purpose fevers serve. They fight off bugs whether viral or bacterial and they help restore our bodies to health. However, that being said, fevers are pains in the bootie. Maybe some of you other people don't find them to be, but boy do I.

From what I've been told from my Dad, I was a child who spiked fevers randomly. They would rocket sky high and freak out my parents and then disappear just as suddenly. Not that such things are genetic, but from the beginning, my kids have done the same. Brooklyn used to have fever viruses that tormented me. Then came August and so did he.

As Sunday bled into Monday and Monday into Tuesday and Tuesday into Wednesday, August showed no signs of getting better. I knew it was a virus: high fevers, snotty nose and cough. Classic. But then it kept going beyond the standard length of a virus and then Brooklyn woke up Wednesday night with a 102.5 fever and that made 2 sick kids. Then Kyle woke up on Thursday feeling sick. And I woke up feeling sick.

We got our whole family in to the doctor, got August a chest x-ray (viral bronchitis, we think), and prepared to just ride things out. And then an hour after we got home, his fever jumped up to 103.9 and he obviously felt horrible.

Basically, Kyle and I spent a whole week taking temperatures and administering Tylenol and Motrin to keep the fevers from getting TOO high. Such as Brooklyn's 104.5 fever yesterday afternoon.

The strange thing is that while August really did act sick, Brooklyn really didn't. You just never know.  So what do you do when you get no sleep and you feel like crud and it's Mother's Day? You go buy shoes. Retail therapy.

Some for August. 

 Some for me.

And some for Brooklyn.

 I wish they made those in my size. 

Even Kyle got some. Dress shoes. And the best part? Buy one, get one half off. Plus a $5 off coupon. 

And now, today, things are improving. B is still running a low fever, but she's ok.

Thankfully, my kids entertain themselves while I clean house on Mondays.

Dorien rides along with me in my Moby sling while I vacuum, do laundry and just generally clean the house.

Oh, and this Chocolate Chip Pound Cake?
Just because.

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  1. Hopefully everyone is feeling much better!!! That pound cake look amazing!

  2. Looks like things are turning the corner. I hope this week is much better for you (it's already Wed-yikes)!