Let's Go Fly a Kite!

9:22 AM

 For May 13, in our state, the weather we have been experiencing is highly unusual. But highly desirable! Friday was bright and sunny, crisp and cool with a steady breeze. It felt like Colorado mountain weather. It made me smile all day long. Although, that smile could also have been attributed to a day spent with my girlfriend, Carrie, shopping at Anthropologie and having lunch at Boulevard Bread Co. It was the perfect day!

 And as evening moved over us and the breeze picked up, Brooklyn suggested we fly our little kite. What a great idea! I sat in our driveway with Dorien as Kyle, August and Brooklyn caught the wind with our little $3.99 Madagascar kite. 

 If our family emitted an aura last night, it was sheer joy.
To see August race around the yard, trying to keep the kite in the air, squealing in joy and delight, it was impossible not to laugh out loud with happiness.

 August kept telling me he was going to put on a show for me and Dorien.

 Waiting on the wind....

 And he's off!

 Brooklyn's enthusiasm was palpable. 

 Have you ever seen a picture more completely capture the free spirited essence of childhood? It thrills me!

Leaping about like a fairy sprite, my daughter raced about trying to keep tension on the string connecting her to the kite. It didn't always work, but no matter how short the flight, every second was a good time.

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