More Farm Life

8:00 AM

 This is just real, people. A crying baby. One who is awfully close to rolling over...

 Chilling together, toes in the water.

 One thing the Farm is to many of us is a place to work on projects. Sometimes that's just a whole bunch of books you want to read. Or for my mom, working on her photo albums. Or for Lauren, sewing. And now that I have my new sewing machine, I made that one of my own projects. (This trip, I also worked on photo albums, read books, knitted and sewed). 

Bear in mind here that I haven't sewn anything since 7th grade home ec. And that project did not involve zippers. Well, I did make my knitting needle holder bag, but that was from scratch. I haven't attempted to follow a pattern in years. This is me attempting.

Finished product will be revealed in subsequent posts.
 I'm not gonna say this was easy. Because it wasn't. And much to Brooklyn's concern, I poked my finger multiple times with the pins. And how weird does my nose look in that picture??

 Trees. Just thought you should see some of the trees.

 Once this girl puts on a swimsuit, it's almost impossible to get her out of it. She's a swimsuit wearin jesse.
That's just for you, Kyle.

 Cooking is the other thing I enjoy doing when it's just me and mine at the Farm. I take advantage of having an island and a really nice range. The problem is that I'm limited to small-town Wal-mart groceries...I have to plan ahead and bring stuff from home or shop at home and take it with me. 

I'm cooking from my new Chicken & Egg cookbook.

 Notice how mine actually looks pretty close to the cookbook picture above! These yummy tarts were easy and filling: puff pastry with cheese, grape tomatoes, bacon, green onions, some other stuff and at the last bit you put an egg on it and bake it a few minutes more. Scrumptious.

 One evening at the Farm, I turned on the radio and discovered I could get K-Love, a really good Christian radio station. I turned it up and spent several hours just singing at the top of my lungs and praising the Lord. Dorien was the beneficiary of some mommy-singing-love. It's amazing how singing praises just transforms an atmosphere into a holy, sanctified place.

 Big brown eyes dominating his sweet little face.

 And this one, well, her smile cannot be contained.

 Here's a better shot of our room at the Farm. 

 I usually climbed into bed with a book and let Dorien watch his siblings play. Here he is propped up on my knee.

 The big armoire and its mirror I was telling you about earlier. 

Our days are wrapped up by story time, compliments of Daddy.

Hey, don't leave me out up here!!!!

And that's a wrap!

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  1. Hey Ash;ey - I have lots of cute patterns for little girls. Not too many boy ones. If you ever want to use any of them, just let me know. And I know a quick and easy way to put in zippers.

  2. Ruth! I'd love to borrow some of your patterns! And I'd love your input on zippers.

  3. You kids are so cute! You can tell they enjoy life. Their smiles are contagious.

  4. Let's schedule a sew date and I will give you some tips. Give me a call. We are in the phone book.