Update and The Moby

3:35 PM

I realize that I have been awful at keeping up with this blog the past few weeks. The reasons for that are numerous and diverse. As a quick catch-up, we spent Memorial Day weekend at our Farm (pictures to follow in subsequent posts) with my entire family - quite the growing group (Melissa is pregnant with Baby #2, due in December!!!). And then because we were in dire need of a vacation after an entire month of illnesses, we stayed at the Farm just us until Friday evening. Pictures of that will be forthcoming, too.

Needless to say, it was a delicious, much-needed break for all of us, especially Kyle. I look forward to sharing it with you in retrospect over the next few days. 

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share some pictures of just how useful our Moby is these days. Not just for me, but also for Kyle!

Horrible picture, but my face is happy because my Dorien is sleeping soundly in the Moby.

Kyle decided he needed to try it since Dorien usually throws fits when Kyle holds him.

The snugness of the Moby worked really well - allowing my baby-loving husband some quality time with his little son.

It may look funny, but it sure is comfortable. And handy.

And it affords great opportunities to kiss on your sweet baby's face.

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  1. Love love love. And love to you, Kyle and littles...

  2. Love this, Ash! And my love to you, sweet Kyle and all the littles...


  3. The Moby is GREAT! I've purchased a few of them for expecting friends :) Dorien is just beautiful, Ash. We got our announcement in the mail yesterday and I passed it around the neighborhood this morning when all the kids were playing outside. Love you so much!