Things I Love

4:32 PM

 Anything and everything by the painter, John Singer Sargent. Including his famous work, Madam X.

Call me crazy, but I sort of only recently discovered him (through David McCullough's Americans in Paris book) despite the fact that he painted in the 1800s. I don't think I've ever been so deeply affected by art the way he moves me. There are certain paintings, such as El Jaleo, that literally take my breath away! If you don't know his work, look him up. It's worth the time. 

Working out. I love it, when I can make the time for it. Some days, sleep takes priority. But on good days, I squeeze in a really good workout. Such as this one I am doing from a Gabby Reece 10 week workout program. I'm sore from head to toe right now. And in spite of being miserable with a horrible head cold, I know the soreness means good things and that makes me happy! 

Projects, such as photo albums. I recently bought the above album at Target and have yet to fill its pages. I have a mother who faithfully chronicles the life of our family through volumes of photo albums. She sets the bar high. But I have spent, along with my brothers and sister, SO many hours looking back at pictures and laughing over memories that I know that every second spent working on my own photo albums is worth the time. These days, I'm hard pressed to find the time needed to make serious progress. I confess I'm only up to June 2010!! Terrible, I know.

 See, I just got through putting our Chicago trip from last year into an album! I fully intend to zoom through the remainder of 2010, though. 

And knitting. I love knitting. It soothes me, inspires me, gets my creative juices flowing. These balls of Rowan Denim will be put together to form a little pair of britches for Dorien. I hope. 

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