10:05 AM

 My happy little man, Dorien. Smiling and growing and chatty and just so stinking sweet and adorable. And almost 4 months old. Where does the time go? 

 And these two sweeties. Loving on each other. Good moments.

 Proudly showing off the Cubs shirts Daddy brought them from Chicago. I told Kyle I want one just like Brooklyn's. It's awesome!

 You  can't really tell, but what I'm trying to show you is rain. Sweet, blessed rain. Although the months of April and May seemed like one big storm, June has been dry and hot. And to top off things, our sprinkler system has a big section that isn't working. It's something to do with wiring. And on Monday, Zach came by to tinker with it and couldn't figure it out. So, I was thrilled when it just rained yesterday instead of our having to mess with our sprinkler system which is currently turned off to try to fix.

Oh, and speaking of Zach and Anna - they are now proud parents of a son! Anna went into labor Monday evening, after walking around for weeks dilated to a 5-6. Can you imagine? As you can guess, it was a pretty short labor! And since they hadn't found out what they were having either, it was exciting to wait for that phone call. I think we all sort of thought she was having a girl, but nope! That makes 3 boys in 6 months in our family! The boys officially outnumber the girls 5-3. We'll have to see what Melissa has. 

Oh: pertinent facts on their baby:

Name: Taggart Hughes
8lb, 3 oz
21 inches long.

 My second big sewing project is under way and almost complete. I have a few vintage sewing patterns that my mom and Grandma gave me, and I decided to try to make the little shorts overalls you can see in the little inset picture.

The stripe pattern will be for Dorien and the animals for August. Kyle helped me pick this out. We liked the idea of a matching color palette, but not matching patterns. They're both Michael Miller patterns.

Just a hint of my progress. I think I'll finish these today. They will be pretty big for Dorien, but as I've discovered, he's growing fast. Can't wait to show you when I'm finished! 

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  1. I can tell it is a vintage pattern with that low price!!

  2. They are so cute in their Cubs shirts! So glad you got some rain. We have the opposite problem-too much water up here. Happy 4th to you all!