Another Farm Break

3:04 PM

So far, there are many things I love about homeschooling.  Here are just a few:

1) sleeping in
2) starting school whenever we want
3) finishing with most of the day left
4) knowing exactly what my kids are being taught
5) teaching B to read!!!
6) wearing whatever 
7) being able to take school on the road!

This past week, Kyle felt like taking a break from work, so we all packed up and went to our Farm.  From Wednesday night to Monday evening. I brought all our school stuff and we did it there and then we just relaxed.

It was quiet, peaceful...the weather was fantastic (low 70's during the day and 50's at night)...I got caught up on my photo albums (ok, caught up to what pictures I had printed which I'm ashamed to say was only to December of 2010), did some painting and just enjoyed being with my family.

Here are some pictures of our time together. Oh, and while we were there, on October 3, Dorien hit the 7 month mark. And is crawling everywhere, pulling up, and trying his darndest to be as mobile as his older brother and sister. I'm not happy about this. Means he's getting bigger!

 Lots of hugs...sometimes overwhelming, but hugs nonetheless...

Dressed in one of August's warmer shirts and ready to ride that big ole green tractor! Or, ok, maybe just sit on it for a second.

You just watch me find my own toy! Oh, wait, uh, don't move too far away now...

I had an overall phase in college. It was actually in style. And then the overalls went the way of many leftover clothes and became Farm-wear. And then, I realized that they would be so handy and comfy for painting! So I dug them them back out and brought them home again. But not before Brooklyn tried them on and made me laugh like crazy.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

School time...Math, to be precise. Sitting at the kids' table in our teeny tiny chairs.

Who doesn't love bubbles?


Hard at work blowing those bubbles.

This grass stuff is so cushy...and strange and yummy?

Ok, not yummy after all.

Practically the same person. Not really...just very tight.

You swing, I swing, we all swing together!

Is it just me or is this ball enormous?

Guys, I really wish I could play too!

Happily blazing trails all on his own.

Taking over the big dining room to work on my painting. I had intended to work on the fleshtones, but quickly decided I should wait until my Tuesday class when Endia, our instructor, intended to teach us about fleshtones. 

Oh yeah, the overalls are so nice.

Working on her dress instead.

I was having the hardest time seeing the colors inside, so I took my stuff outside. It made a HUGE difference. If it weren't so hot, I'd paint outside all the time!


Just enjoying a crisp evening. Perfection.

How hilarious is he with the over-sized shirt? Love it. 

Hi, Bailey. Are you gonna see me down here? 

I don't think so...Hm...I wish you would.

A Daddy tower. Little legs tire out quickly when traipsing around the meadows.

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  1. I loved seeing all these photos! That is so true about homeschooling and being able to take it on the road. Just think of all that the kids will learn and remember from those "field trips"!