Sleepless Nights

6:27 PM

I've had a few.  Especially lately.  Just to make you feel better about the sleep you are getting, or maybe help you feel like you're at least not the ONLY one not getting any sleep.

This past weekend, we went to Fayetteville to see my in-laws and my sister-in-law, Kara, who was in from California. This also coincided with our annual Stafford Sky-Box game (Razorbacks v. Auburn). Long story short, my family of 5 was bunking in the in-laws RV.  We were all pretty excited about the RV.

However, due to an evening game and events beyond our control, Dorien and I ended up coming in around midnight. We were both completely exhausted.  Stinky, sweaty, covered in that unavoidable Game Day glaze of sweat and smells that comes from hiking all over campus and back.  A feeling you just desperately need to wash off before hitting the sack.

Except I couldn't. And as I'm trying not to wake my other kids and husband (or Dorien), I realize I forgot my contact case. I would have to sleep in them. Grrr. And as I settled in to the sheets beside Kyle and Dorien, I start to sweat and realize the air conditioner is only conditioning the air in the front where the kids are. I'm stinkin hot. On top of being exhausted, sweaty and with plastic discs stuck to my worn out eyeballs. And then, just as I have managed to fall asleep and into some form of a dream, Dorien's wails wake me up.  It's 2am. He proceeds to cry unconsolably until 6am. By which time I'm very close to beating my head against the wall and begging for mercy.  And then it's time to wake up. Yeah! End of Great Night Number 1.

Last night was the second great night of sleep I didn't get. I got closer, though! Kyle and I are actually even in the same bed. And then, at that magic crazy hour of 2ish...we both spring up as a God-awful shrill piercing sound rips through our sleep. Turns out a carbon monoxide alarm was going off. What?!

After holding it in front of a fan to silence it, we were then faced with the strange decision of what to do! According to the alarm instructions, you are to haul your family out into the great outdoors and call the fire department. It was 3 in the morning. Kyle and I were both fairly positive this was a false alarm because  the beeping wasn't in the pattern indicated on the back of the box.  No 4 beeps followed by 5 seconds followed by 4 beeps. Just one ear-piercing shrill electronic screech. 

But this was odorless, poison gas we were potentially dealing with.  So we ended up letting our kids sleep, opening windows and calling the fire department who came out and tested all areas of our house. No gas.

Probably a faulty alarm. And by 4, we were back in bed asleep. Until Dorien woke up to eat.

So I'm getting awfully used to not sleeping. I don't like it. 

But this is all part of it, right? And it's temporary, right????

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