Mom Moments

8:36 PM

It's a shame my house has so many windows.  Cause it makes it tricky to run around in just a long t-shirt which I am currently doing.

Actually, I'm currently sitting in my living room with a 22 pound baby asleep on my lap and forming little sweat puddles because it's 79 degrees in here. 

But I really wanted to check out some of my favorite blogs, namely the Pioneer Woman - because I'm looking for the perfect chocolate dessert to once and for all get rid of my craving for chocolate.  I think it's hopeless.

And I'm hiding from any possibly spying neighbors by positioning myself in front of my baby blue couch and darting surreptitiously from floor to hallway when the need arises.

And listening to the highway sounds which drift up the hill to my house. Sounds like motorcycles are racing. But what I don't hear are any children sounds. Which is nice. Means everyone went to bed as instructed.

Except me. And it's my turn. Goodnight!

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  1. I hate when I crave's like I need it NOW!