Christmas Day

1:36 PM

Since my last post was not of happy tidings, I am filling this one with pictures of happy cheer and  good times. Namely, Christmas Day at our house. I realize it's a tad late, but why
 should that stop me? 

Brooklyn and August
(Brooklyn wanted to hook their arms, but August was protesting that they NOT do the married pose)

Brooklyn - age 5 - feet planted. Ready for anything.

August - age 3 - cheesing it up like his big sis taught him

Rene - age 20 - sophomore at Hendrix University - not sitting in front of a computer for a brief change!


Dorien - age 9.5 months - sitting and grinning!

Merry Christmas to all from Baby D!

Look over there! It's crazy!

Our 2011 Christmas Family
Brooklyn, Dorien, August and Rene

And Ashley and Kyle (with the Barnacle on rapid approach to his Momma)

All stripey-jammies! We're big fans of Hannah Anderson pj's. Very sturdy (which explains why Dorien is wearing pink and purple stripes...leftover from Brooklyn and still going strong!)

So, until more pictures appear, here's hoping you had a fabulous Christmas and Happy Celebration of the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

And that your year to date has been fantastic!

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