Late Nights

10:57 PM

After spending most of my day checking things off my "to do" list, I find myself lingering at my laptop in the wee, quiet hours as the rest of my household sleeps around me.

Today was a busy Tuesday. Rene went back to Hendrix, we're back in the swing of home-schooling, I'm still trying to tackle my house cleaning, and I cooked Indian food tonight for my family and two of my siblings, Jeremiah and Rachel.  'Miah spent a year in India recently and has been hankering for Indian food since his return this past July.

He uses all his persuasive powers to get me and my sister-in-law, Melissa, to keep him in curry. And fortunately for him, both she and I (and our families) love Indian food. I made a run to the Indian Grocer yesterday, stocking up on basmati rice, lentils, garam masala, atta flour, and some other random Indian food necessities. I am running out of Tupperware containers in which to house my growing array of flour stores. I think I have more flour types than I once knew existed. 

Tonight, since I knew Jeremiah eats enough for 4 people, I made three different dishes: two chicken curries and a veggie curry. Plus chipatas and naan. All in all, it meant that I was standing in my kitchen a large part of the day and praying they were all ready about the same general time! 

Anyway, all that, on top of washing sheets, cleaning a bathroom here and there and just enjoying this rainy day with a cup of hot tea. Nothing you other moms out there aren't doing too. And then some. And I want you to know that I appreciate the solidarity of these busy days. To know that I'm not the only mom who feels like the days are just's a good feeling. 

So, I sit here now, with Dorien sound asleep on my lap, Kyle snoring (yes, you do) to my right, the laptop warming up the sheets, content in having scoured some Pinterest sites, made myself some notes for tomorrow, and feeling considerably sleepy myself. So, at the dawn of a new day, I sign my name to the end of my day with a big flourish.

And thank the Lord for blessing me so richly with children, spouse, family and friends, food and shelter.

And with a big yawn, I say to you, Good Night. Sleep Tight.

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  1. Will miss you at CBS! We should get together.

  2. I do exactly the same thing--the wee hours of the morning are some of my favorite times until 7 am arrives and I have to get everyone out the door for school:-) I had a quick question for you about knitting--when you knit your hats do you use circular needles? I am trying to teach myself to knit but have so far only used the straight and I am not sure if you can make a hat with those. Thanks Ashley!