Then or Now?

11:36 AM

Do you ever ask yourself what it would be like if you lived, say, 200 years ago, as opposed to right now? Or not even that far back. Say 150 years ago. 

I admit this is not something I give much thought to. But I did happen to ponder it a second ago. And here's why. I just happened to spend an extremely lovely morning visiting with my niece, Meredith. Who drove the very short distance down to my house from Zach and Anna's because, well, she can. There are cars and stuff. And she happens to live near enough that we can visit on a whim. Instead of having to coincide our visits with a trip to town or something. So, there's that lovely aspect of the NOW period.

I also don't have to live in a sod house on the prairie..although prairies are quite nice. I hear it snows there. I don't think I'd manage to deal with living in stacks of sod and manure glue. Or using an outhouse. Or using a well for water. Or dealing with all the things prairie-dwellers and such deal with. I mean, if we're talking prairies, let me be the Ree Drummond type of prairie girl. 

And speaking of Ree Drummond, her website, The Pioneer Woman, is reason enough that I choose to live NOW instead of before. Tonight our family is celebrating the second birthday of my niece, Merrick, and I'm supposed to bring a salad. In pondering salad ideas, my second thought (I picked Meredith's brain first) was to check out the recipes on PW's blog. There are so many recipes she has up that I can always find something inspiring. And I just wouldn't have that option if I'd lived pre-internet. Pre-PW. Pre-printed cookbooks. 

This would be troubling to me. I can't imagine having to live on a diet of, hm..biscuits and gravy...salt pork....lots of salt pork from what I read of those days...I would really have issues with that limited selection. I need selection. I prefer selection, should I say. And an unlimited supply of food options is made available to me through blogs, online cooking websites, and my arsenal of trusty, food-stained cookbooks which enable me to offer a variety of foodstuffs to my family! 

Also, bathing. From what we are learning in our homeschool program, frequent bathing is something that is a fairly recent discovery. Innovative, if you ask me! From the old days in France when it was considered unsanitary and frankly, just dangerous, to bathe more than once a year to life on the American prairie where you had to plan your baths in advance and heat and haul buckets of water. Ok, there are those Europeans who still smell like they adhere to that old philosophy...but on the WHOLE, people seem to have adapted rather well to cleanliness. I personally love being able to hop in a shower rather than haul in buckets of heated water and scrunch up my limbs in a little bucket. 

I know there are perks the other way, too.  Lots of things we didn't worry about, but plenty more that you DID.  Dying from a fever, plague, drought, blizzards, raiding Indians, home births with midwifes (oh, wait, I did choose that route!), would those tight braids make your face look stretched (yes), does this pinafore make me look dumpy (also yes), will Almonzo ever ask me out to ride on his wagon without Pop getting upset by the idea (yes)...

I'm sure my thoughts on this matter fluctuate given my mood, but for today, I choose NOW. After the upcoming afternoon, in which my entire extended family is meeting for a massive family picture and I'm sure we will be irritated and tuckered out and wishing we did live miles and miles apart...that may change.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the family picture. It's an amazing family for sure. :)