Adventures in August

2:46 PM

A few weeks ago, Kyle's high school had their 20th reunion. Hard to believe.
Kyle and I are both fundamentally opposed to high school reunions for several reasons. One of which is that we both believe there's very little reason to dwell on high school.  Any friends we wished to maintain from high school, well, we have done. In fact, from Kyle's high school class, he has maintained several really wonderful friendships that have become "our" friendships.  Namely, a group of guys known as the "Fellas" who have been like blood brothers since they were kids. They were a crazy group of boys who grew up into really amazing godly men with wives and kids and families that I am truly proud to call my friends.

Long story short, as the reunion approached, the Fellas thought this would be a good opportunity to reconnect. Most of them are scattered around the country, although a few still live in Northwest Arkansas.  The plan was for everyone to meet up before the reunion kicked off. Kyle decided he'd go ahead and go up there by himself for a dinner with the guys, and then head back home so I could get in one of my early morning long training runs.

He was going to drive up on Friday afternoon in time for the dinner at 7. The funny thing was, he didn't realize it, but the Fellas had planned to meet at a reunion event and then all go out together afterwards. Kyle said, "Uh, Ashley...I've somehow agreed to a reunion thing!" But it was too late to bail out. Mid-Friday, I had an epiphany. I would throw everything together and we'd all go up with him, and I'd just run up there for a change of scenery. It would be a chance to see some people I rarely see, such as my dear friends, Becky, Kim, Autumn and their kids, and it was something totally spontaneous! I am rarely spontaneous.

With about an hour's notice, I threw everything together, grabbed some sleeping bags from my mom, and we headed up to Fayetteville!

We managed to get there in time to throw our stuff on a floor in our friends Greg and Becky's house, change clothes and drop our kids off at one of the Fella's houses where a big group of our kids were being watched by a friend of ours.  We all then headed to U.S. Pizza where the reunion kick-off was being held. It was pretty much what I figured it would be: Crazy loud with music and chatter and lots of unfamiliar faces. Except that there were lots of familiar faces thrown in as well! Turns out that lots of Kyle's graduating class had gone to the University of Arkansas, so many of them were friends of mine from college! That was pretty fun! It was still funny putting on a name tag and having all these strangers give me friendly smiles, and I know they're thinking  - "Ok, now who is she? Did I graduate with her? Should I remember her??" 

After the food ran out and we were all still starving, the Fellas and their wives found a nearby pizza place and managed to spend some quality time together. 
It was truly wonderful to spend time with these friends. We now live in Oklahoma, Texas, Connecticut, Virginia and Arkansas. Get togethers like this are extremely rare, and I was really glad I decided to join Kyle at the last minute.

After dinner, the wives left to give the guys some "manly bonding time", retrieve our children and head to bed.  Kyle got home really late and I was able to get up at 6am and run my 10 miles! It was 64 degrees outside and felt amazing. We then headed back home!

As we were heading out of town, we happened to spot this hilarious sight. A guy was taking his dog for a walk from the back of a scooter. Could be the laziest thing I've ever seen....


Later, as we ate dinner at Waffle House, poor Brooklyn had the unfortunate experience of discovering what happens when a creamer pod is bitten into by Wyeth.
It explodes and goes....EVERYWHERE! The white spatters covered Brooklyn, the wall behind her, the windows and blinds, up to the ceiling. Note to self. Keep the creamer out of Wyeth's reach.

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