Tennis Camps!

6:00 AM


After VBS was over, I finally had an activity that Dorien could participate in - tennis camp! 
I signed the kids up for a week of tennis camp - coached by August's tennis coach, Mr. Shaun.
Dorien took an introductory class for kids under 5 - it lasted 30 minutes and was enough to get them interested in the game. Shaun did a fantastic job with creative, skill building activities for the kids. I was really impressed.

They warmed up with balancing on plastic pods and then maneuvering over a ladder. 

They worked on hand-eye coordination by rolling giant tennis balls back and forth with their tennis rackets. 

Because there was an odd number of kids, Dorien teamed up with Coach Shaun.

After Dorien's 30 minute class, Brooklyn and August had an hour long class. Most days, Dorien and Wyeth and I hung out and watched. 

They were total troopers. 
I particularly appreciate Wyeth's snarly "Cheese" face. Cause although he looks like he's growling, he's really saying "CHEEEEEEESE". 

Love these two boys. 
They are so much fun. Trouble at times. Pure mischief.
But truly fun.

While waiting during a lesson one day, Wyeth found a rocking bench that he went to town on! There are probably dents on the wall behind him.

Ah, and there's that super special "CHEESE" grimace from Wyeth...and his lovely big sister, Brooklyn.

 Forgive the horrible iphone picture straight into the sun....sometimes that cheese face is hard to resist. Especially on the fake wood bench.

It's so crazy to see my kids taking tennis lessons and enjoying activities at this park. I grew up here. Took swimming lessons right in this lake. There used to be a diving board and a big swimming area that has since been done away with. The concrete pier remains, and new fountains grace the lake surface that used to be filled with noisy kids.

August and Wyeth rest on the benches while waiting for Dorien. 
It was hot. Really really hot. Even at 9:30 in the morning. 

August felt like an old pro during his tennis hour. Brooklyn, who had previous sworn off tennis - adamantly insisting she had no interest whatsoever - changed her tune slightly at the end of the week. 
That's how it works with her. She will not volunteer for anything, but if you sign her up, she usually ends up loving it.

Towards the end of the week, I decided no more hanging around in severe heat with my littles. We made good use of our hour by heading to the gym for some air conditioned working out. 
Kyle and I have been training this summer for an Olympic Triathlon which is actually NEXT SATURDAY!!! Due to the heat, I've done most of my running and biking indoors. 

Still managing to work up quite a sweat, as you can see.

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