Hens in Action

6:00 AM

After starting over with our flock of chickens, it has been a waiting game of when they'll start laying. The first eggs typically arrive around 21 weeks of age, give or take a few weeks.

Every now and then, we let our girls (dog and hens) roam the back yard together. 
Thankfully, the hens and Singer don't mind each other.

They rarely ever wander up this far from their coop, but occasionally they'll tag along after us and end up hanging around the kitchen door. Which, of course, is highly amusing for us. They like to cock their heads and peer up at us or try to sip from Singer's water bowl.

Here is our first egg! So tiny!
They usually start out teensy weensy and get larger as the hens get more experienced.
The Auracana-Americanas began laying first, which makes more sense, as the Light Brahmas get so much bigger - so developmentally they're a little behind their coop sisters.

A day or two after our first egg, a second hen began laying. It's interesting to see the variation in hues between the two hens. For over a week or two, there were just two hens laying-  both Auracanas (which lay the "Easter Eggs"). 

Here's a comparison of a "first egg" and a more normal sized egg.  Although, the second egg could also just be a double yolk-er, which is also common when hens begin laying.

Finally, what we've all been waiting for!

A few more weeks in, we now have some Light Brahma's laying (the brown eggs) which makes for some beautiful color variation in our egg cartons.  As of today, not all the ladies are laying yet, but we know at least 6 are. We have been getting about 5-6 eggs per day. It is so much fun to go check for eggs and find them waiting for us!

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