15 Month Check-UP

2:49 PM

For you stat lovers among us, I bring you good tidings. At Brooklyn's 15 month dr. visit on Monday, she weighed in at 22.2 pounds and stretched to a staggering height of 31.75 inches. I must confess, I believe approximately .25 of that height was her little shoes which the nurse did not ask me to remove.... Anyway, she is in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height. That's a first for her as far as height and MAY be a last! While I am not, by any means, short for a girl (5'7"), the combined heights of her daddy and I are not particularly impressive.

I do cling to the fact that height DOES run in my family, as evidenced by my very tall brothers, none of whom are less than 6' and some closer to 6'6"...

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