Back to Blogging - And Chad's Rehearsal

1:24 PM

Meant to post pictures earlier, but man, has time gotten away from me! A week and a half has already passed since the wedding, and I am way behind on my blog! I have been working on my photo album for Brooklyn which requires that I get pictures printed on real paper, and that always takes so much longer than to upload to this blog. But, someday, hopefully, Brooklyn will appreciate looking through the pictures, as I enjoy looking through the many books my mom has put together for the family. Definitely a labor of love.

Meanwhile, I am finally putting up pictures from Chad and Melissa's wedding. Here are some from the rehearsal. There were 7 attendants - and one of my favorite things about being in weddings is getting to know the other bridesmaids. It stands to reason that if Person A is a friend of the Bride, then Persons B, C and D might very well be compatible with Person A as well. And thus far, my theory holds up! I have made so many friends in my "fellow bridesmaid" categories!

Melissa's friends were fabulous! I loved meeting and getting to know them all.

I love the group shot of the rehearsal as it shows the reality of the event: people waiting in position for people to organize other things that don't affect them - so stand and wait...stand and wait...hence the development of friendships to fill the passing time!

Meanwhile, Brooklyn shows off her new sign for "hold me!" I love it!

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