A Visit to Fayetteville

3:00 PM

This past weekend (May 12), the Goshenites headed to Fayetteville to partake of another UofA graduation - this time, my brother Michael. The major plus of going to Fayetteville is getting to spend quality time with our dear, dear friends, the Walkers and the Cate's. Becky & Greg's kiddos, Mia and Gavin are just fabulous and accept Brooklyn into the mix as though she were a sibling. They all had such fun playing together.

I think it was Brooklyn's first time to kick it on a swing her OWN size with her buddy, Mia!

Then...rub a dub dub, three kids in a tub!! It was almost more than Brooklyn could handle. As the room filled up with onlookers and helping hands and she realized that this was not just HER bath, the tears were produced in mass quantity. It called for a momma's touch and a pacifier.

Afterwards, she was happy as a clam and clearly felt liberated enough to run around in her diaper! Entertainment is pretty much free when you have kids - just sit back and enjoy the show.

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