Behind the Scenes

2:17 PM

Melissa, the beautiful bride, lingers in the sanctuary while we prepare for some photos. Chad didn't see her before the wedding, so it was exciting to check the halls and make sure he wasn't around.

The bridesmaids take our positions for the photographer. What the pics fail to show is a single one of us gals hoisting up the bodice of our dresses. Which we did just about every 10 seconds. As gorgeous as they may have been, the dresses liked to slide south...exposing far more cleavage than any wedding guest needs to ogle.

And Grandma Barbara, the quintessential LADY, held Brooklyn for me while pictures were going on. Mom, in her wedding finery, looked totally glamorous! Brooklyn did NOT wear that dress for the wedding, but I am no fool - she needed to be comfortable up until the last possible minute, then her "wedding" dress was slipped on.

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