BedHead and Bible Study

3:24 PM

This is how mornings begin on Goshen. With bedhead and our daily Bible study. I realize the first picture is slightly blurry, but it also best captures the full fuzz flare that is Brooklyn's hair in the mornings.

She never seems to mind, though. So we traipse downstairs into our breakfast room which is so bright and welcoming in the mornings. We sit with our fruit (strawberries and grapes for B on this particular morning) and toast and a Black Chai latte for me. I cannot get enough of hot tea. I think I'm half British. Oh my goodness, I love the stuff.
Anyway, little B keeps busy while I spend some time studying the Book of Daniel (Beth Moore's Daniel study is SOOOOO Awesome!!!).

There is no better way to start your day. Making up songs about how awesome our God is - which of course have accompanying interpretive dances...these are moments I cherish...and which DO get me through the 23 hours that follow.

And a very good morning to you, too!

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