Around the World in Just a Few Weeks

8:53 PM

Our dear friends, Erik & Tifany, have been staying with us on and off for the last two weeks as they are moving to India in a few short weeks and have been, technically, homeless! They sold their house and 98% of their possessions and will be departing this fair continent for another continent, another climate, another culture, another world for 3 years. There are no words to describe how much I will miss my best friend. We have shared so much in the years I've lived near her.

While others are fortunate to have all their best girlfriends living nearby, the majority of mine live hours away. Maybe that's one of the reasons I have cherished having Tif literally just a moment away. We were a second home for their toy fox terrier, Sophie, and Tif and I spent countless hours either in person or on the phone, hashing out life's little and big problems. There is rarely a moment worth mentioning in our lives that we didn't discuss with each other, seeking advice, counsel, prayer. She listened to me weep uncontrollably as my maternity leave neared its end and my heart broke at the thought of leaving Brooklyn for 8 hours a day. She prayed with me as God took me through a period of learning to trust when I couldn't find the right daycare. She encouraged me when I struggled with the decision to stay home with Brooklyn or continue working. Sharing joys, elations, bad days, good days, crises at the office, struggles at home, the best brand of tea, hair salons, spiritual struggles, our souls were so often laid bare before each other. We knew that we may not always like what the other had to say, but that we loved each other and would never steer each other wrong.

I will so greatly miss my Tif as she leaves me temporarily. I applaud her courage in stepping out in faith. And I wrap her in prayers and blessings as she and Erik enter a greater battlefield. You are so loved, my sweet friend. And will be so greatly missed.

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