Snuggles and Curls

7:24 PM

Every now and then, Brooklyn saunters up to me and climbs into my lap, regardless of whether I'm busy or not. And truthfully, her precious little body is welcome into my arms any time, night or day. My heart melts into puddles when she tucks her arms into her sides and snuggles her head into the crook of my shoulder. I could freeze time and never move out of those moments. And I know that at the light speed at which she's growing, such moments SHOULD be frozen and savored.

And can you believe the blond curls our little angel has? I think she gets them from Kyle, although my brother Jeremiah had a head full of gold locks before his first haircut snipped them off. :( Sad day! Brooklyn's curls will not be snipped any time soon! Unless her hair suddenly straightens out and turns into a mullet, which I will cut WITHOUT hesitation, I plan to let her little locks grow for some time.

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