Jazz Face

9:11 PM

Every now and then, my soul beckons for some Miles Davis. In particular, a CD of Miles' love songs. They soothe me like little else. The other day, before Kyle got home from work, I popped in said CD and let the music wash over me in the sweetest of ways. As I grooved to the music while cooking dinner, I noticed my little shadow, Brooklyn, doing some grooving of her own! Her little lips were pursed and she was swaying in time to the music. When I called to her, she grinned at me as if to say, Mom, this is good stuff! To reiterate her enthusiasm, she pointed at the CD player and ooh'd and aah'd! I said, Brooklyn, is that your jazz face? And she promptly pursed her lips again. So, she now has a "Jazz Face". Seriously, guys, it's stinking awesome. My baby girls likes Miles. Who knew?

Jazz Face with Ipod. Youngsters these days...I can hear it rolling off your lips as they have from the lips of parents and grandparents every generation since man first applied a chisel-like tool to rocks and made round "roly" things with them. I knew when Brooklyn grabbed my pink Razr, flipped it open and chirped "Hey!" into it, that I was in trouble. However, when she plopped down with Kyle's ipod and started putting the ear buds into her tiny ears, my eyes widened considerably. Wow. And when she gave me her "Jazz Face", I knew she was digging it.

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  1. YES!!!! This is my new favorite picture ever... the most adorable girl in the world.