Happy Father's Day!

8:25 PM

Having grown up with possibly the greatest father of all time, I have an eye for recognizing pure talent in this area. And I must say that the skills exhibited by one Kyle Floyd have caught my eye and put him in the running for the Greatest Dad Ever award...notwithstanding the fact that his daughter is only 16 months old. This man is truly one of the best daddies I've seen. Brooklyn is crazy about him, as all daughters should be of their daddies, and he worships her. I love catching them sharing sweet kisses or talking about their days (Brooklyn's side of the conversation is much more like gibberish, but she gets her point across).

To all daddies out there - your job is a challenging one with eternal rewards, so don't take it lightly. And to my daddy, how I adore you. To Kyle - you are the best daddy a girl could want for her children. I am so proud of you.

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