Magic Springs!

7:42 PM

A few weeks back, Mom and Dad were gracious enough to take the family to our local amusement park, Magic Springs! The day started out sunny and then switched gears on us and stormed for a little bit, but we managed to make it a fabulous day of quality family fun. We picnicked out of the back of our cars as the rain poured around us, and when it wasn't raining, we rode roller coasters, high-flying swings, and the most hilarious ride I've ever been on - these old 50's looking cars perched on precarious looking, lofty tracks. It looked like a children's ride, but be ye not fooled. It turned out to be the most invigorating ride of the day - just as your car approached what appeared to be a sheer drop off, you were whisked around a hairpin turn, flung about like bowling pins and and barrelled down another perilous path, eliciting squeals of glee, delight and terror from even the most stalwart of roller coaster enthusiasts. I could have ridden it over and over. Go Magic Springs and the funky car ride! As a world-class, HIGHLY experienced thrill seeker and amusement park expert, I give it 5 stars for surprising thrills and just absolute hilarity.

Brooklyn was able to experience yet another first - a Carousel ride on a horsey with an authentic horse-hair tail. She was ok for about 15 seconds and then she wanted me to hold her. As you can see, Tio Mikey was as giddy as though it was HIS first carousel ride. Seriously, who doesn't love a good spin on one of those?

It was so precious to see Brooklyn leading her DD and Randad to see the sights. There were more than a few sighs and aaahhs...

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