Another Sister!

2:03 PM

It gives me great pleasure to announce to everyone that the Dennis family has another wedding on the horizon! My brother, Josh, proposed to his girlfriend, Lauren Orr, on September 27 and fortunately, she said Yes! As you can see from the attached pictures, Josh recruited "helpers" to set up the engagement surroundings. Mom, Linda Hargrave, Adam and Brooklyn were there with me to make sure all the candles were properly positioned, the lights strung from the wooden beams and the table properly set for a formal arrangement according to our etiquette courses in my MBA program. Yes, that was part of it.

There is an amazing story behind Josh and Lauren - the Lord truly brought them together! I met Lauren a few weeks before Melissa and Chad (my brother) got married. I immediately felt that she would be PERFECT for my brother Josh. One slight problem. She was engaged to be married within about 6 weeks. At Melissa's bridesmaid luncheon, I pondered the connection I felt with Lauren and mused aloud to her that she would be a fantastic sister, were she not getting married in a few weeks. Over the course of the weekend of Melissa and Chad's wedding, she had a chance to get to know Josh through the wedding party, and next thing I know, she's called off her wedding which was 3 weeks away. Over the next several months, Josh spent 6 weeks in Guatemala and Lauren processed everything that was happening in her heart and sorted out feelings. God worked independently on both Josh and Lauren to draw them closer to Him. Long story short, they are getting married in February!

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