Contemplations from my Car

3:11 PM

Riding to the yarn store this afternoon, I fell into a trance. A combination of the CD playing, the sunlight filtering in and out of the tree branches into my windows, the rare occasion of being alone in my car, the steady click click passing of houses, cars, pedestrians, for sale driving became automatic and my mind fell into a rhythm. Approaching cars in the opposite lane and cars in front of me left a split second impression on me, as a poem rapidly unfolding by itself in my mind. A Chevrolet truck, three people sitting side by side, the window side passenger's arm draped over the middle seat passenger - no, make that two humans and a ceramic bust. The bust had the arm draped over its shoulder. The sound of my laughter startled me in my car. The rear end of the station wagon in front of me looked as though it had a Hitler-stash. The black slash of plastic handle cover was perfectly positioned below the lights...surely the designer saw that as the car rolled away from him. Guess not. The station wagon turned right onto a side street and my eyes defaulted to its replacement in my line of sight. Yep, a black Altima with a silver slash instead of black - still looks like a moustache. And what's this? The SUV now in front of me has a trailer hitch ledge with an instant backyard cookout - the charcoal grill strapped to the bucket containing charcoal bricketts and grill tools, next to the folded up umbrella. Again, my smile startled me.

The sound of hickory nuts crunching under my tires signals my turn into my driveway and once again, the sunlight filters through the wisteria through my sunroof and I put the car into park. Before the moment fades...I'll remember.

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