Leaping and Dancing

6:27 PM

2 Samuel 6:14 talks about King David dancing before the Lord with all his might..leaping and whirling before the Lord...

Are we often compelled to display such emotion before the Lord? I have been very compelled lately. With the temperatures dropping and the air crisping up like bacon (ok, not the best simile), this season marks my favorite! I adore cold weather and colorful leaves....I love not having to water the lawn...I love seeing leaves pile up in my yard and am always the LAST to rake them. It's just a shame to me. What's better than a carpet of color? Beats me. Certainly not grass! I love wearing jeans and sweaters and feeling that thrill in the air that makes my blood move just a little faster in my veins! I LOVE IT!

I love that my neighbors and I are more likely to meet out in our front yards and chat. I love my neighbors - Helen, a grandmother who rents but I wish would buy, she loves to come over and visit and sample my cooking and discuss her job...Gordon, who's a diabetic and mows his yard just about every day. I've personally saved him from a diabetic coma at least four times. I do use my nursing degree every now and then! Helen, who is also a nurse, collaborates with me on keeping Gordon's blood sugar within normal levels. Russ, next door, has a house straight out of Architectural Digest and a dog named Rose. His partner, Dempsey, comes in every weekend and brings his dogs and my dogs yap their hellos through the fence. I love that they do garden projects just about every weekend and we make small talk while we work. I love that my neighbor Edie came and plugged her battery charger into my front porch socket when her side of the street's power went out. I love that she offered me her pick axe for my next flower bed project.

I love that the lake is just down the hill from my house and that, as I was driving down Snake Hill today, I rounded the corner and the lake just GLOWED! It was as though heaven was illuminating it from beneath - the water shimmered- the trees lining it dipped low and tried to touch their branches to the water as though they were dying of thirst - and the leaves have begun to change colors! The radiance of the whole scene made me slow the car and gasp with wonder! I KNEW what David felt! That incredible urge to leap and whirl before the Lord! Praise Him for His beautiful creation and indescribable glory and majesty!

You know what else makes me just leap and dance??? MIGRATING BIRDS!!! SERIOUSLY! Have you ever seen it? Look up! Kyle and I were doing some evening errands yesterday and there they were - like an air highway of birds. Floating along, bobbing and weaving on an unseen current that was taking them to their winter homes. Thousands upon thousands, stretching for miles. Kyle said Lynn spotted PELICANS migrating the other day. Wonder of wonders! How can anyone see these things and not believe that there is a God and HE's just FANTASTIC! Yes, I know, there are numerous All caps incidents because some things just MUST be capitalized.

So, look up, see the birds and marvel that they know how to migrate, where to migrate and when! Marvel at the cooler temperatures and the thrill you know it gives you! An excuse to make hot chocolate and snuggle under quilts! Praise Be to God for such small and yet enormous wonders! I feel very much like Walt Whitman, seeing miracles in absolutely everything. Praise be to our God! Your majesty exceeds my wildest imagination and I delight in your creation. Yet, mostly, I delight in You, clever Creator!

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