Hands Clasped

3:54 PM

A crowd of people around the cliff’s edge
Young at heart and age
Daredevils, fearless, so far from ever considering
What a risk even was or why it should affect them.

The black glass of the lake somewhere below
Filled with the terrifying unknown of rocks
Or creatures or fish or snakes or lake gooz

I wanted to jump so bad. Yet I hate more than
Anything the feel of touching the bottom and
What if I did

Out under the stars in the middle of the night
On a lake that I had only just seen tonite
Could I set aside my fears and just take the leap

There he was, glistening with the water from
His previous launches off the cliff into the water
His hand held out for mine

Was I up for it?
Good question.
I was. My feet leapt from the solid rock and
The air tickled my face and hair and arms and legs and
Suddenly the warm water enveloped my laughing
Screeches and I was so glad I had taken his hand.

For so many reasons.

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