Caramel Corn

4:48 PM

Another culinary first. Yes, I am adventurous in the kitchen to the point of disaster sometimes. And as my friends know, I love recipes with lots of ingredients. It makes my competitive nature shine forth. No recipe will defeat me!!! That's not entirely true...I have failed before...but at least I've tried, right?

So I'm supposed to bring a snack-like item to a game night Bible study get together this evening, and I never like to make the same thing twice. And one thing I've never attempted was this recipe for caramel corn given me by my friend, Stacey! She was also kind enough to talk to me on the phone while I made it - thus ensuring, I'm sure, it's success!

I'm so proud of myself! All that's missing is the little treat that a box of CrackerJacks would give you!

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  1. Did it taste as good as it looks? I have made up my mind that I need to be a little more adventurous when it comes to cooking, any suggestions on what I should start with?

    By the way, I think you should have a receipe blog. Seriously..