Summer Storms

2:05 PM

While it may only be the first of May, it feels like summer is rapidly settling in. Although in a typical Arkansas way. A few days ago I pulled out long-sleeve shirts to keep my kids from getting too cold when a bizarre cool front moved through, followed by today's steamy, muggy, soupy weather. Throw in a few major thunderstorms complete with psychedelic lightning, and you just about have it. As a result of all these storms, I'm sleep deprived.

I remember once upon a time really loving storms. But I think that was before I realized that storms cause damage. I.e., before I was a homeowner. Now, every time the wind whips my house about, I pray that the trees hold fast to their moorings, that the shingles stay put, that the power stays on, that the lightning doesn't strike my house, that we are blanketed in safety by the Maker of the storm. It doesn't help that my house is perched on a hill and is, itself, a tall house. We're closer to the clouds and the action. And my windows rattle and shake and notify me of every big blast of thunder, as if my ears weren't good enough to do the job.

My husband sleeps like a log right through every storm. It takes a particularly loud blast of thunder to rouse him, or my finger jabbing him to wake up and be scared with me. Or to make me not scared. :) I have become a master of storm prayers. It might even be said that God likes the storms because it provides the two of us with uninterrupted prayer time! For hours, sometimes!

The other night, as the storm raged on and on, seemingly one enormous, snaky line of clouds rocking and rolling above and around us, I sat up wide awake and waited it out. The lightning was unlike anything I'd ever experienced, so fast and furious that it seemed like a bad wiring job gone amuck. And there are five large windows in my bedroom which let in every bit of light that wants to come in. So I sat there, holding August against me as he snoozed peacefully and I prayed. That God would protect us and let the storm pass quickly. And I prayed for every single person I could think of, particularly those who've asked me to be in prayer for them. People were PRAYED for on Tuesday night. And at some point, I went to check on Brooklyn, thinking she must be awake, too. And sure enough, her little voice peeped up, "I wanna sleep in your bed!" So, I made an exception and let her. So for the next few hours, Kyle was jammed in beside me and the two kids - who were wrapped snugly in my arms. And I kept praying. Eventually, the lightning slowed to regular intervals and the sounds of thunder became distant, rather than right on top of us. And I fell asleep for a few brief hours. But I still haven't recovered from the sleeplessness.

And I feel that sleepiness more potently as the air weighs heavy with humidity and afternoon sunlight. The birds chatter outside my window and things are incredibly lush and green. The weeds, in particular....And I am reminded that all storms pass. And even if they do cause damage while they're tearing it up, they also are necessary to keep things alive and growing.

One of those little, not-so-subtle messages God likes to send me.

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  1. Oh I love a good T-storm. But I agree that I might not love them so much if I was a home-owner.

    Eva and I planted Morning Glory and an Heirloom garden yesterday so I was thrilled when we had a BIG storm last night. And this morning is so nice and sunny, I just know that my little seeds are being fed so well and I can't wait to see them sprout up!

    I hope you're well! Give those babies a big kiss for me!