A Boy Being a Boy

7:48 PM

Let me see how this works...

Did you hear that loud sound??!!

Back to work

In my reading of Bringing Up Boys, I read that boys will bring their own unique spin to things that their big sisters may also enjoy. For example: Brooklyn loves her dollhouse. She invents scenarios and drama and moves the people around to different rooms and talks for them....August loves to play with her, too. But for different reasons. He tends to just eat things - which could also just be that he's teething. But I was amused tonite to notice him repeatedly taking a wooden cabinet and doing two things with it (other than chewing on it): 1) he kept opening and closing the doors and 2) lifting it up into the air and dropping it.

I think it's the boy in him that is fascinated with the opening and closing of the doors because I've never seen Brooklyn do that. And I KNOW it's the boy in him that loves the sound of the toy crashing to the floor. Totally boy.

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  1. Great book! I read it several years ago and need to refresh myself on several things again.
    Enjoying the blog!