Bathroom Changes

9:59 AM

I have neglected my blogging the past week or so. Not intentionally, but I've just had stuff going on! And I have been meaning to show the changes to our guest bathroom upstairs, but couldn't find a "before" picture. I know Kyle took one, but neither he nor I can remember where it was saved. I am hoping there's one somewhere... In the meantime, while it doesn't show you exactly what changed, you can at least see what currently IS.

We changed out the sconces that came with the house which were sort of a brushed nickel finish and sort of flourishy. It didn't really clash with the overall bathroom as it was developing, but it didn't really work either. So, I replaced them with ones from CB2! And I kept the mirror that used to be there - also a glitzy sort of brushed nickel-ish finish - and painted it white! It's sort of modern meets vintage. I love it. It works so much better than what used to be there.

My next project in that room is to replace the faucet on the sink. It's silver with a gold accent on it. Gross me out, to dredge up an old elementary school phrase. Talk about not ME! However, I have yet to find the perfect fixtures. Everything I like seems to be about $500. And I just CAN'T bring myself to that level of insanity.

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