My Happy Place

1:41 PM

When I was working full time and having to eat lunch on the run, my favorite place to do that was Boulevard Bread Company. Which sounds much more limited than it actually is. Not only do they make the best artisan bread I've ever had, but they serve the most fabulous sandwiches (I would do time to eat one of their turkey sandwiches), soups, cookies, etc. And their staff is of the variety that's sort of get the feeling that everyone who works there is an interesting person. One might argue that EVERY person is interesting, and that may be, but not every person LOOKS interesting. I used to be on a first name basis with all the employees there, but not any more. Although there are still some of the same people...I've just been away too long! Now that I'm no longer a DINK (double income, no kids), well, it's not affordable to "lunch" there as I used to. I'm now a SITK (single income, two kids) or OIGF (one income, growing family), so a Boulevard lunch is an incredible treat.

I was thinking to myself as I stood in line waiting for my order to be prepared, just how much I loved the store. It's not a large store. In fact, it's usually best if you order and take the food with you. But it's a store that makes you want to be a gourmet cook. The walls are lined with shelves which contain every imaginable exotic ingredient of which you've ever heard. Boxes upon boxes of fancy sea salts...dried, organic pasta in every shape and size...olives, pine nuts, chocolates, cocoas, coffee beans, a counter displaying oodles of cheeses...pastries...homemade fruits and vegetables... It is my happy place. I am ALWAYS happy when I'm there.

If I could, I would hide away in the bathroom until after closing and sneak out into the silence and take my time perusing the shelves. I long to explore every obscure item, pick up and examine the different cheeses and meats, attempt to construct one of their turkey sandwiches, just poke around to my heart's content. Will this ever happen? Not likely. But it's one of my odd fantasies. As a "foodie", something about that store whispers to me that I, too, can be a master chef...I, too, can whip out a seven course meal fit for a makes me aspire to culinary greatness while at the same time fulfilling my craving for seriously good, quality, eco-conscious food. Oh yeah, makes me happy just thinking about it.

Today, I came home with what is definitely a splurge purchase. An 8 grain, heart healthy bread that costs way more than I would normally pay for bread. BUT, it's a special occasion. Tonight I'm making the Spanglish sandwich and it requires GOOD bread. It may not look fancy, but it's dense, packed with flavor and grains and the perfect compliment to mayo, lettuce, tomato, bacon and a fried egg to ooze out over...Even Kyle concurs. Happy place.

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