3:18 PM

This happy boy is being happy in the house of my dear friend, Sarah, who was kind enough to let me arrive suddenly on Monday with my two kids (and the ever-present tornado fan) in tow. My husband went out of town to San Diego for 3 nights and was worried that I might need help with the kids. I really didn't, but it did give me an excuse to go see Sarah! Which I don't do nearly often enough. Her own two kids blend so seamlessly with mine that it makes getting together incredibly easy. And her house and lifestyle is so easy to just settle into that you feel as though you could just become part of her life without missing a beat. On your part or hers! I love it.

August was even bold and fearless in the face of their frisky Golden Retriever puppy, Murphy. On previous encounters with fast-moving dogs, August just wailed. This time, however, he was excited to see Murphy - first from the safe height of my arms and later, from a seated position on the floor with me beside him. As Murphy assaulted August with his friendly wet nose, August tolerated it until it was enough, and then firmly grabbed Murphy's snout and moved it aside. I was so proud of him! Fighting his own battles! It was a big moment.

Speaking of Murphy, Sarah and I witnessed a hilarious moment between Murphy and Brooklyn. She and I were sitting on a swing in her backyard, just talking, when Brooklyn took off down the hill to their house. Murphy had been lying in the shade and appeared to be asleep. Suddenly, like a shot, he took off after Brooklyn, knocked into her from behind, sending her flying and then, just as suddenly, he turned and headed back to his shade spot and settled back in. Brooklyn looked totally affronted. But she picked herself back up and carried on. The backyard rang with peals of laughter from the general direction of the swing where Sarah and I sat.

August also took this trip and decided to officially start calling my name. "Mama!!!" "Mamamamamamama!" I love it.

He's definitely a momma's boy- and by that, I don't mean he's a puddin. (Doesnt' that word just make you laugh out loud? I first heard it used by a pastor at our church who was referring to a wussy boy on a playground. It made Kyle and I both just lose it). What I mean is that August is crazy about me. He spots me across the house and immediately makes a beeline to me. He sees me and his face lights up and he starts bouncing. I leave the room - he wails and follows. I pick him up and he immediately smothers my mouth with wet slobbery kisses while throwing his chubby little arms around my neck and squeezing me to death.

Brooklyn's still my best girl. But August is my best boy. And I fall more in love with them every day!

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  1. And don't forget August waved bye to us!! Thanks for coming, love you!!

  2. Sigh...I love my girls so...but I need a boy! Don't you think?