On Two Legs

6:53 PM

Dying to get back in the tub with Brooklyn

Standing tall

I knew the day would come, and come it has. August is now pulling up on things. He tested out the idea for a few days, sort of lifting himself up with his hands on the coffee table, my leg, a chair...bouncing a little on one half-bent leg, trying to see if he could support his weight. On Tuesday morning, he didn't think he could. He tested and then plopped back down on his behind.

Later that same day, he decided he could. And as Brooklyn watched Boz on Daddy's laptop perched on my white chair while Kyle and I P90X'd it, August grabbed the lip of the chair, positioned his legs and just stood up. As though it were nothing. Brooklyn squeaked in surprise as his face appeared beside hers - beaming with pride, I might add. And then it was a done deal. He'd crawl rapidly over to something and pop up. Over and over again. The funny thing is that once he's up, he hasn't figured out how to unlock his legs and lower back down. So he'll stand there and then I guess his little leg muscles get tired and he'll start crying out sort of like, "a little help here!!".

If this boy walks soon, I will be in trouble. I'm praying we make it to a year before that happens. But it's not looking good. I am in no hurry for him to be THAT mobile.

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  1. isn't that so funny. With Eva, I couldn't wait for her to crawl and walk and hit all of those big milestones, and with Izzy, I dread them.

    For me, it's just evidence of how quickly they're growing and I just adore the baby stage. I wish Izzy could stay this age forever...or at least just a little longer.

  2. Yea for August! It happens so fast...little Ella is just now trying to crawl! Enjoying your blog!

  3. I am in the same boat...my girl isn't even 8 months yet?! I wanna cry sometimes(bittersweet tears of course)...I did talk to her today about maybe slowing down a bit for momma, pretty please!
    She is pulling up all over the place. And yes very proud of herself...

  4. Go August!! I can't believe how fast he is growing up. I am so glad we got to get together when I was in town. I love your kiddos and wish we could get together more.