My New Laundry Pals

7:10 PM

After a week of solid research - switching screens on my computer back and forth from Lowe's, Sears and Consumer Reports - we did it. Got a new front-loading, energy efficient washer and dryer. Frigidaire Affinity 8000 series. Yes, it cost more to buy them than it did to give birth to my children. But I did get them on sale and they were the most cost-effective ones I found. And they weren't nearly the most expensive (or the the middle). I finally realized that with as much laundry as I do these days (thanks to August's poop explosions), it makes more sense to get ones that work better, faster and cost us less to use. And I think we sold our old ones to a guy Kyle works with! I am so excited about these!

You know you're a mom when a new washer and dryer gets you all giddy.

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  1. SO funny. We had to buy a washer and dryer when we moved into this house and I don't think I've ever been so excited over appliances before in my life. We got the LG Tromm series and my dryer actually sings me a little ditty when it's all done instead of yelling at me with a loud BUZZ. I LOVE it!

  2. Yeah, that's awesome! Although I know the pricetag hurts. Its great you could get the stackable ones that fit in your same space.