The Couch

2:12 PM

Kyle and I have been deliberating for well over a year about purchasing a new couch. It's time. (And yes, that's my blankie on the couch).

The couch we currently have is the first one I purchased as a new home owner - just before Kyle and I got married. It has been a great couch - serving us well. It used to be a heather green, but has since faded to an almost khaki color. I purchased it before I had really discovered what my true design leanings were. What are they? Well, modern eclectic, is my best assessment. And I speak for me and Kyle.

I love contemporary, modern furniture with a PASSION, but also love antiques and vintage stuff. So, hence the eclectic element. I inherited several totally non-modern pieces and have purchased a few beds that are antiques, but my biggest leaning is toward modern. Our dining room table and chairs, breakfast room table and chairs, master bed, all are very modern. Clean lines, streamlined...I love beauty and simplicity in design.

So when we began couch shopping, it was tough! We knew we didn't want lots of pillows - we'd had that. And we wanted something modern to contrast our old house. And, call me crazy, but I wanted a baby blue couch. And a couch slightly longer than normal since our living room is very long. I initially fell in love with a couch on Room & Board because I could custom order it in a blue fabric. But I had never sat on the thing. And something just prevented me from biting the bullet and making the purchase.

And then the other day, I was browsing on a website and found a couch that just jumped out at me. It's made by a company called bludot. I've actually seen stuff of theirs and loved it, but I guess never focused on this couch. It was priced within the range we'd set for ourselves, and even better - it's a line carried by a local store that happened to be having a sale! Plus, their pricing included shipping, which would not be the case if I ordered online. So, at lunch today, Kyle and I met at Soho Modern, the local store, to look at a fabric swatch. And we just decided, "yes." This is it.
Robin egg blue - the COLOR!

The full length picture.

I don't expect everyone to love it - I would probably be bummed if everyone did, cause that would mean it's a couch for everyone! And I want it to be a couch for US. You know what I mean. Distinctive. The thing that made me go with this one, ultimately, is that 1) it's 92 inches long, compared to 89 inches for the other contender; 2) it comes stocked in a robin egg blue; 3) and it comes in a leatherette - no cows were killed for this couch - yet it will still be easier to clean up any spills or baby spit-ups; and 4) the price was just perfect, plus I could order from a local business and support our local economy!

I can't believe it's DONE! Finally!

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  1. Yeah, but I'll miss the old saggy one...

  2. It is PERFECT for you Ashley! Just perfect. :)

    And I hear you on the old-couch, no more pillows thing. Ugh. But I'm still holding out with some unrealistic fantasy that I'll find the couch of my dreams on a curb somewhere. Of course when I do, it will proabably be covered in throw up or something. That's my luck.

  3. WONDERFUL!!! I LOVE IT!!! I would get one but I have to balance the fact that Jason hasn't figured out how to sit on a sofa without leaning on an arm. I have been wanting leather armless chairs for a while now and all J can say is..."Everyone will fall out of them." "Right cause we're all 5 year olds." Anyhoo, gotta love him. I am so excited for y'all! I can't wait to see them. Maybe in August...hmmm.