Summer Funk

4:27 PM

Is it possible to enter into a funk with the start of summer? It's not as if I am suddenly faced with having kids home from school or anything. I have my two kids here all the time, and I never mind that. It's really kind of bizarre because the start of summer usually gets me excited simply by the prospect of a blank slate. Days unplanned. Time to spend at the pool. Gardening projects to tackle. A whole lot of nothing! Or, well, more than usual.

Maybe it's that my summer vacation is already checked off. I have no idea what it is, but I have been feeling incredibly blah and cranky for the last few weeks. My usual antisocial tendencies have ramped up astronomically. I've not really had much energy to work out, but I've tried to keep on going. I just feel...funky. The most excitement I've been able to generate was over the last week when Kyle rented Season 1 of The West Wing.

Having only seen maybe one or two episodes, he and I both found ourselves totally enjoying it! And now, having turned it back in to Blockbuster, waiting for Season 2 to be turned back in so we can check IT out.... it's like I'm back to the weird mood. I don't know. I'm not looking for sympathy or answers or suggestions...just felt the urge to let out some of the funk that's been simmering below the surface.

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  1. My Dad has all but the last two seasons of West Wing and I am sure he wouldn't mind you borrowing them.

  2. Ok, funky cold medina! Google the lyrics to that song and you'll be laughing at least.
    Cheer up, we are coming to see you!!! Next Wednesday/Thursday, I think.

  3. I call these 'blah days' and I get them too. Call me if you need to complain. :)

  4. I've been feeling a bit funky myself, lately...thus the blog sabattical. I think Izzy getting older is contributing to mine. Can you believe that our babies will be 1 next month?!? They just got here yesterday! I'm already starting to feel that readiness to plan for the next one. Only problem is, hubby's not sure about a 'next one."