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I have news. Not about me. About my brother, Michael. The brother of mine about whom we have all wondered what zany thing God will select him to do - given his vast array of talents. And they are many and varied. He speaks Spanish fluently and dabbles in Russian, Portuguese, Italian, whatever other languages he happens to hear and that sound fun to him. He mimics voices from every imaginable genre - he is our very own Robin Williams at times.

Apart from being just insanely (genius level) smart, he is also a very godly young man with a keen mind and a passion to serve God. He loves people, loves to talk to people, loves to make people laugh, loves to encourage them and inspire them. Loves to talk about how he wonders what God will do with his life.

He is a phenomenal uncle to Brooklyn and August. He makes Brooklyn and August squeal like crazy in delight. He's also a wonderful friend and darn good brother. He has a good sense of humor about himself. And about everything in life, really. He's seriously considered a career in acting and has done several commercials and had parts in plays. He is a very talented actor. Almost moved to LA, but decided God didn't want him to. And lately, he's happened to work for a company selling translation services.

Until, kind of on a whim, he decided to apply to the FBI. Yeah, just like that. He really wants to use his language skills in some way and I guess he thought there might be a possibility for that within the FBI. So he begins the process. This is mentioned by him one day as casually as I would say, "I just worked out."

Next thing I know, I'm hearing bits about upcoming tests...follow up tests...interviews...phone interviews...conversational Spanish interviews...stretched out over a period of several months. And this crazy brother of mine who does this the whole time saying, Yeah, but probably nothing will come of it. I just don't know yet what God wants me to do. I could do this....or that....who knows. I'm just gonna see where God leads me. (Which is incredibly wise on Michael's part).

Pretty soon, I hear he's getting ready for a physical test - running, push-ups, etc. Oddly enough, as incredibly fit as he is, he doesn't do the required number of push-ups in time. So he works on those, goes back and passes with flying colors. And, then, in passing one day - by someone other than my family - I hear that he's been accepted by the FBI, offered a job, accepted said job and is leaving in a few weeks for 5 months of training at Quantico!

WHAT IN THE WORLD?!! I know of no other person on this earth who could just waltz into the FBI as it seems he's been able to do. Don't get me wrong - Michael will be an enormous asset to any company he works for - it's just crazy to think my brother will be working for the FBI. But I could not be prouder of him. Seriously.

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  1. The dress is adorable and she looks so thrilled to be wearing it! my mom was so excited to see this picture!
    congrats to michael! i know it will be hard to have him so far away, but that is exciting too!
    that little boy is sure growing fast, of course so is my little girl who is not too far behind august!
    thanks for sharing the pics!

  2. Ash!!! I only live 45 minutes from Quantico! My brother works there! I'd love to cook him dinner one weekend if he's allowed! Please pass on my email to him!

    That's so exciting!

  3. That's just fantastic! Pass along my congratulations as well. When I talked to him a while back it seemed that he had the unique problem of being loaded with too much potential. I hoped he would find something to really be passionate about rather than settling for something less rewarding. He's definately a guy with a lot to offer and it's great to see him doing something so interesting.