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I can almost not even craft this post. It still gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Last week, I was sitting in my living room with my friend Julia as our kids played around us. She suddenly let out a yelp and pointed to one of the french doors leading out to our deck. I turned around to see what caught her attention and was thoroughly horrified to see TONS of honeybees buzzing around the window. One second they weren't there, the next - they were.

I was puzzled, but not overly alarmed. After all, they were outside.

Several hours later, after I put the kids down for their naps and do some reading on my bed with August asleep on me, Kyle comes home. He heads straight upstairs to see us and we stay up on our second floor for a little bit as he changes clothes.

I head downstairs to our living room to find something and notice a bee buzzing against one of my french doors on the front of our house. The bee was on the inside of the house.

This was also not terribly alarming. Periodically, wasps or other flying objects will end up in our house and beat themselves against our windows. They're pretty easy to get rid of.

I grab a magazine and prepare to take care of this lone bee. I enter the room, barefooted, I might add. I suddenly notice a sound that I hadn't tuned into before. The sound of lots and lots and lots of bees.

In. My. House.


And I have no shoes on.

I turn slowly to my right and see swarming around the two sets of French doors leading out to our deck - HUNDREDS OF HONEYBEES! I immediately scan the other windows - more bees everywhere I look!!!!! I hear a scream piercing the air before I realize it's my mouth making the scream. I amp it up a few notches, screeching for Kyle's IMMEDIATE assistance!

I see bees all over the floor and all I can think about is that I feel like this is straight out of a horror movie. Kyle comes racing down the stairs, and I can't imagine what he expected to find. Usually, the only thing that makes me scream is a roach skittering across my path. But this was worse!!!

We sealed off the room and I immediately called Terminix. Long story short, apparently a swarm of honeybees was making our house their new hive. With our vacuum cleaner, Kyle was able to suck up the ones that had made it inside and died. The others I think he sucked up too. We spent the night at my mom's.

Kyle vacuums up the bees.

The next day, Terminix came out and sprayed. We waited to see if this would work. Otherwise, it was up to some guy in a bee suit to come lure out the queen and relocate the hive. The thought of that seriously made my heart race and my blood boil. In fact, for about 2 days, I was pumped with adrenaline - just terrified that at any second, the bees would return en masse!

Alas, they did not. They either decided we weren't friendly people and moved on, or we got them all. I have no idea. What I do know is that I hope to never repeat that horrifying experience.

I know honeybees are endangered and I feel for them. I really do. But let me just put the word out - Bees - do not come around here. You will be even more endangered than you already are. And I like honey, so go away and make it somewhere other than the walls of my house!

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  1. Oh my! We had the same thing happen but with lady bugs. They are cute and harmless but you get several thousand covering your floor to ceiling windows --- not so cute and very creapy. We also sucked up all we could with Mr. Hoover. Glad to hear Mr. Pooh Bear won't come looking for honey at your house.