Zoo Trip

7:36 PM

I am belatedly writing an entry about a trip to the zoo I took over a week ago. I am so behind on these posts. Life happens, you know? And around here, sometimes sitting down to write a blog post takes back burner to things like changing diapers, working on my daily Bible study, mopping, vacuuming up scads of Bailey hair, not to mention our recent experience with honeybees (more on that later), the list could go on and on.

Luckily, this time, we picked a great cool day and almost all the animals were roaming about their pens. It was the perfect day to hang out at the zoo.

Spooning Gorillas!

My own brand of animals!

Sam, Lily and Brooklyn

Taking it all in with great seriousness.

I swear, I think this guy was shaking his fist at us!


But a few weeks ago my friend Sarah came into town with her two kids and we met at the zoo. As silly as this sounds, I have yet to take my child to our local zoo. She has been to the Louisville Zoo, but not our local zoo. Not that, historically-speaking, she has been missing that much. My personal experience with our zoo is lots of empty cages - traipsing across the pavement in the dead heat of summer begging some animal to emerge from their cave and entertain us. Usually, just the otters would oblige us.

The elephants were born in 1951!!

I think giraffes are so gorgeous! Especially in person!

I patted this fella on the head.

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