The New Couch

8:41 PM

As tends to do, one home improvement leads to another. Our couch arrived last week and it is, in my opinion, a thing of beauty. Sleek, angular, smooth, modern. Sigh. And at the moment, untouchable. I am terrified of dirt marring its beautiful surface. Booties must be brushed off, no shoes, no food, you know the drill. Right now, it's just time to admire. And occasionally, sit and enjoy its beauty.

So here is the before - a very comfy couch that we just felt no longer meshed with our design style. We have been looking for its replacement for almost a year.

And now, as the new couch settles in, the next phase of home improvement begins. The walls are gonna get painted a cool grey. Overall, the downstairs of our house is fine, but too warm. We're more "cool".

Bludot's Couchoid

We're hoping to get a new rug and lighting. Maybe a Sputnik chandelier...

So, the rest of the room patiently awaits its our pocketbooks await the money for the updates. :) Stay tuned.

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  1. Woo Hoo! And you know how I feel about gray... cant go wrong. :)