A Weekend Project

8:32 PM

I realize the contents of this blog are all over the place, but then so are my thoughts, ideas and actions. These are what make the events of our days "tales".

I have this wall that I have been intending to turn into a magnetized wall and use as a base for kid-art. Or whatever other kinds of things might need to be displayed. However, it has taken us FOREVER to get around to making this a reality. See previous blog entry regarding priorities.


I have a very wonderful husband who took action when I happened to tap the wall in passing and remark that I still wanted to paint it hot pink. He said, we're doing it this weekend.

Still before.

So we painted it with several coats of magnetic paint (which is literally metal shavings and the tiny can weighs a TON). Then sanded it down to soften the edges without removing all the magnetic qualities. Then painted it hot pink. And call me crazy, but I love it.

After - the tunnel of colors!

I love how it looks against my brown walls and white cabinets. I love that I can look past it through my pantry foyer and see the turquoise in my breakfast room. The colors make me happy.


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