Sweet Baby James

7:27 PM

Happy Birthday

I know, it's so cliche and I swear, Whit, I will never do it again, but as a post title, it's only too perfect right now. Because he's sweet, a baby and named James. Ah, so so sweet. It doesn't always happen that you push a baby through a birth canal and he emerges looking beautiful, but James did. Is. Truly a beautiful child. It's so funny to already be able to see little signs of mom and dad emerging from the features of an infant only hours old, because I know from experience that those features seem to look different in just a matter of more hours. But I could look at my own babies and say, Yep, that's from me. Or that's Kyle! And I could pretty much do that with James. Yep, Scott's mouth and chin...Whose eyes? Hard to say...he didn't open them!

Holding the tiny thing in one arm and August on the other hip, boy - it's amazing how small they start out! And how quickly they get big! I laughed when I took the little bundle of baby while someone else held August. August immediately leaned for me, like Woah! What's going on here? I just looked at him and smiled and his eyes widened in dismay - momma?! His lower lip quivered and I could see he was on the verge of producing some tears. My heart melted and I reached out an arm to take him, too. So, itty bitty on one side and not so itty bitty on the other. And both so precious.

The Proud Mommy

Whitney and her sweet Mommy
Scott and his parents stare in wonder at their new family member

The new parents - Scott and Whitney

Testing out the weight of a tiny infant

The scales tip to August as far as weight goes.
He wanted to make darn sure I remembered that HE was my baby.

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  1. Tell Whitney congrats for me. She is going to be a great momma.